Times Union Raita

Mom and Dad made this along with the Lamb Curry and Coconut-Ginger Dal recipes also in this book (see pages 141 and 172). Mom recommends at least doubling this. Andrew - this is the yogurt sauce stuff you like.

  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder- 1/4 cucumber, peeled and shredded (1/2 cup)- 2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt

Toast cumin powder in a small skillet over low heat until fragrant. Let cool while peeling and shredding the


In a small bowl, combine cumin, cucumber and yogurt. Stir well to combine. Keep cold until ready to serve.

Serves 4-6.

Becky Rant: The best part about a Friday night party in your pajamas (see page 169) while you attempt to FINALLY FINISH THIS COOKBOOK is half watching bad tv. Tyler just put on the movie “Daddy’s Home 2”. Which gets a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, so you now it’s going to be good.

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