Rob The Pig Guy's Potato Salad

Mom asked the caterer from Becky and Tyler’s wedding for the recipe for his potato salad because we all loved it so much.

Large russet potatoes (baked & cooled not boiled) Chopped egg Small diced celery, carrot, & red onion Fresh chopped parsley & oregano Salt & pepper to taste Hellmans mayo

Mix some quantity of all this stuff together and eat. (Rob didn’t give us any more detailed instructions than

this. He is also a professionally trained chef. His salad was super good but your results may vary.)

Becky Rant: Now all the kids are in bed. Which you would know if you read page 158. And I have my own (fleece “mama bear”) pajamas on. And Tyler has poured me a glass of wine. #win #nowitsaparty #its8pm #onafridaynight #thisishowipartynow #socool

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