Voguish Vegetables

Apparently it was a big deal to some of my siblings that we had to do things like French the Green Beans! And Fork the Cucumbers! Who wants to make boring old normal vegetables when they can be prepared in such fashions as these?? I bet Rachel is giggling to herself just reading this. Except she doesn’t know what “voguish” means. Rachel (and Dad), it means “elegant and stylish”.

Frenched green beans: Grow 8 million green beans in your garden. Make your kids pick them. Blanch (? or something) them. Cut off the ends and french the beans. You’ll need a little frencher doo hickey. Mom has them on the end of her peelers. I don’t know where you obtain them nowadays. Freeze a gazillion bags of frenched beans.

Forked cucumbers: Obtain a cucumber. Use the tines of a fork to carve lines along the length of the cucumber. Giggle while you do it because “forked”. This will make the cucumber look extra fancy when you slice it for a salad. Adelyn still won’t eat it because she doesn’t prefer to eat “green”.


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