Tyler's Tagine

This is a dish that Tyler makes often for us, but when I ask him how he does it he says he doesn’t have a recipe. This is what he came up with after I bugged him about it. He likes to be bugged. It may or may not be how he actually makes it, and he provided no quantities for anything so that was super helpful. You are welcome to come over on Tagine night if you would actually like to see how Tyler makes this. #husband #annoying

“Basically I just throw some chicken thighs in a pot, with some diced butternut squash, and some golden raisins, or apricots, and cumin, coriander, cinnamon, annnnnnd… yawn… what else. Onion? Probably would have fried some onion first. Add some chicken broth. Chickpeas, probably like 2 cans? Boil for like.... or simmer? for like... however many minutes it takes until they're done. And then remove the chicken and cut it up. And then mix it all together, and add some like brown sugar if it needs some sweetening. Serve with couscous, and, what are those things? Pistachios? And some cilantro on top. There might be a Cooking Light recipe. Or maybe its in that Martha Stewart blue book. I usually combine two different recipes."

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