Trader Joe's Lentil Dip

This is a lazy but delicious way to “make” (actually just mix) a dip. You and your friends will love it. You will though need access to a Trader Joes to obtain your ingredients to be truly lazy. If you don’t have a Trader Joes you can definitely still recreate this but you might need to be a bit less lazy and a bit more creative.

  • 1 package Trader Joe’s steamed lentils- 1 container Trader Joe’s bruschetta
  • 1 container Trader Joe’s crumbled feta- Pita chips, or whatever cracker

Open the lentils and dump them in a bowl. Add the bruschetta. Stir to combine. Add feta - however much you feel like adding depending on how much you like feta. Mix. Serve with pita chips or whatever. SO. GOOD.

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