Plan a Weekend Camping Menu Here are some suggestions for your weekend menu.

Breakfasts: Pancakes, OJ, Bacon Eggs in squares, melon, sausage Eggs and bacon, OJ & doughboys Omelettes & homefries French toast and bacon or sausage & fruit Cereal and fruit with hot cocoa and doughboys

Lunches: Sandwiches (tuna, bologna, ham & cheese, PBJ) with chips and apples or oranges or watermelon and brownies or Girl Scout cookies and crystal light. Always bring soup, in case its cold or rainy.

Dinners: -Foil dinners with grilled quesadillas and Slop in a pot -Halibut in foil, with dilled Alaskan garden medley, breadsticks (could be doughboys without the jelly – roll in parmesan cheese or melted butter before toasting) and Cranberry/Strawberry crisp -Turkey pineapple packets with cheddar & bacon sourdough bread, salad and apple cake -Polynesian pork Kabobs, carrot sticks, rice and peach cobbler -Hot dogs and beans and pasta salad and peanut butter cup s’mores -Lamb pita burgers with whatever you feel like

Book 2 Recipes Without Pictures How Tos Apples Egg Pasta Pork Turkey