Mom's Sand Castle Cake

Once when I was in high school (and Suzi was over) Mom decided to make the “sand castle cake” she had seen in a magazine. (This was before the days of Pinterest, when THE INTERNET was just becoming a thing and took forever to load even a simple web page and connecting to it sounded like “eeeeeeee wrrhhhhh gading gading ga chhhhhhhhhh” “BECKY, I’M ON THE PHONE” “Oops, sorry Mom”, but I digress.) So anyway, she read this magazine, and made this cake. Only it was a disaster. And it did not smell good. I do not recommend it.*

  • 1 cake mix, plus ingredients to prepare as directed- 1 (or more! go crazy!) plastic sand castle bucket

Preheat oven and prepare cake mix as directed on box. Pour prepared mix into plastic sand castle bucket(s). Put in the oven. Obviously, the plastic will melt. Obviously, this will be a big smelly mess. Obviously, do not eat this. (We did actually pick out some of the cake to eat anyway. BPA wasn’t a thing yet either.)

*If you want to actually attempt making the edible version: Mom didn’t bother to read the instructions where it specified that the “cake” was actually ice cream frozen into a mold, later dusted with graham cracker crumbs or something along those lines.

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