Grandmother's Fall Pies

One of the things I remember about working on the farm every weekend in the fall and winter is that we would all always eat dinner in the dining room and Grandmother would very often make an seasonally appropriate pie - often apple, pumpkin, or mince pie, or often more than one. The apple pie recipe is in Book #1, but not the others. I asked Grandmother what recipes she recommended for mince and pumpkin pies, and here is what she told me.

“For mince pie, I buy a jar of mincemeat in the supermarket and then add that much again of apples and raisins. The original mince meat in the jar is essentially apples, raisins and suet with some spices mixed in.

For pumpkin pie I buy a large can of cooked and mashed pumpkin and follow the direction on the can, usually involving eggs, milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. You may find a recipe that you like more. Go to it.”

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