Do "Freezer Cooking"

When I am organized, and/or when I am pregnant and nervous about needing food to easily feed the family, I like to do what I call “Freezer Cooking”. Here are some miscellaneous thoughts on the subject.

Basically the goal is to stock the freezer with already assembled meals vs individual ingredients that you would have to then thaw and make into something else. One way to do this somewhat easily is to just make two of whatever you are making anyway, and freeze one of them and eat the other. This works especially well with things like pasta dishes and casseroles.

Another way to do this is to get together x friends and decide that you will all make x times a single dish, and then exchange it. This way you end up with x different dishes but only have to plan for one.

Two of my favorite books on the Freezer Cooking subject are the “Don’t Panic: Dinner’s in the Freezer” and “Don’t Panic: More Dinner’s in the Freezer”.

Whatever you end up doing, it is very important that you store your frozen food carefully and safely. I recommend double wrapping your pans - once in saran wrap and then again in aluminum foil, and labeling the outer wrap with the name, date, and cooking instructions for the dish. Tyler likes to drive me nuts by not labeling anything he puts in the freezer. Or by drawing random cartoons on things instead of a label (ARRGGGHHH). Don’t be a Tyler. Label the things you make correctly!!

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