Date Night Mac and Cheese (in a pot)

Every once in a while when Mom & Dad managed to escape the chaos that was raising four children to go out on a date, they would make us mac and cheese with hot dogs and (reheated) frozen mixed veggies. We loved it.

Except that one time when the only frozen veggies we had was a bag of entirely lima beans. Why did we have such a bag? I have no idea. Dad probably wasn’t paying attention while he was grocery shopping. Anyway. Straggler lima beans in a bag of otherwise acceptable mixed veggies are not that great to begin with. The texture is kind of like chalk, and the taste is kind of like foot. The situation is NOT improved when the whole bag is full of the things.

Kraft macaroni and cheese Butter and milk in quantities directed on box Hot dogs Mixed frozen vegetables (Peas, carrots, corn, etc. Not lima beans.)

Boil water. Cook hot dogs in water while it is coming to a boil. Take hot dogs out and cook pasta when water is boiling. Slice hot dogs while pasta is cooking. Drain pasta. Return pasta to pot; add cheese packet, butter, and milk; stir until smooth. Add sliced hot dogs and frozen mixed veggies and mix. Serve.

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