Dad's Pancakes & Applesauce

This was one of Dad’s specialties when we were growing up. I say specialties because he definitely did this on more than one occasion, and maybe even more than two occasions. Love you Dad!

Ingredients to make pancakes from scratch (any recipe will do EXCEPT…) Substitute the baking powder with baking soda Applesauce

Mix up pancakes as directed in the recipe. Where it says to use baking powder, don’t do that. Instead use an equal amount of baking soda. Make pancakes. The baking soda will give the pancakes a kind of soapy, bitter taste. This is what you’re going for.

Serve with a side of applesauce in an attempt to recover. After breakfast send all the kids outside to run around because it was probably them being too crazy that caused you to mess up the recipe in the first place.

(I can now relate to this as a parent of a bunch of crazies.

Tim and Stacy you should definitely have a third. And then probably a couple more after that.)

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