Dad's Hot Dog in a Tailpipe

And now, the big finale for the main dish camping recipes. It’s time to really get this camping party started. I give you… Hot Dog in a Tailpipe. Does it really need more introduction?

Hot dogs American cheese (or Wisconsin cheddar) Sliced bacon

At home or on the road, cut a deep slit in each hot dog, and stuff with fingers of cheese. Then wrap on the diagonal with the bacon. Seal individually in heavy duty foil. These are great for stuffing into those odd hot places on the car engine. Don’t actually put them in the tailpipe. Cook about 45 min, or until the cheese is melted and the bacon is somewhat crisp. Takes about 40 miles of driving time.

Note: If you are some random person reading this book (I’m sorry) please know that my family might be slightly odd, but we were never actually odd enough to actually attempt these. Or the “Road Chicken”!!

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