Cortesi Family Hot Chocolate

This is how Cortesi Family members make hot chocolate. Basically there are two ways to do this: “Mom’s Way” and “Normal People Way”.

Mom’s Way: Heat water. Add 3 to 4 grains of hot chocolate mix. DO NOT USE more than 5 grains. It should be just enough to turn the water just BARELY slightly brown but not have any flavor.

Normal People Way: You know, the normal way, with, like, multiple heaping teaspoons full of mix. And also whipped cream* and marshmallows. You’ll know you did this right if you have a bunch of brown sludge at the bottom of your cup when you finish drinking.

*If you have any. I can’t keep whipped cream in the house because a certain husband inhales it 30 seconds after it arrives home from the grocery store. And he’s teaching our kids to spray it straight into their mouths as well!! This is a crisis. #firstworldproblems **

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