Clear the Table

A “how to” guide to clearing the table after dinner, by certain un-named siblings. Age… youngish. But still old enough to know better.

Pick up a dirty plate from the table. Carry it to the counter. Put it on the counter. Pick up a different dirty plate someone just put on the counter. Carry it back to the table. Put it back on the table. Pick up a dirty fork from the table. Carry that to the counter. Find something else on the counter to relocate back to the table. Repeat. Work at a very leisurely pace. Mumble “asafasafasa….” as you


Wander off to use the bathroom. Take forever to wash your hands. Itch your foot. Wander back into the kitchen. Itch your nose. Pick something else up and carry it aimlessly around the kitchen. Maybe crumple up a napkin. Definitely don’t ever carry more than one thing at a time.

Eventually Becky “the babysitter” will have actually cleaned up the whole kitchen.

Congratulations! You’re done.

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