Roti (Bread)

Good Fehma bread, pronounced “row-tee”.

  • 2 1/2 cups flour (whole wheat)
  • Water as needed

Note: it is preferable to use 1-day-old dough (keep in fridge prior to use.

Mix flour with enough water to make doughy (be careful not to add too much flour to dough or bread will be too dry). Put dough mixture in bowl, wet top, cover with saran wrap and put in freezer while making chicken / rice.

Remove dough from freezer and roll thin (1/8”). Put flat 6” pancake in frying pan with small amount of pam cooking spray. Cook until done on one side (approx. 20 seconds) and then flip over; cook on other side. Slide bread halfway out of pan and hold bread over burner to let it dry and bubble. Repeat on other end. Continue until dough is gone.

Fehma Food Book 1 Recipes Without Pictures