Grandmother's Marguerites

This is Mom’s favorite snack, especially to have at slumber parties when she is trying to impress the cool kids in junior high.

  • 1 sleeve Saltines
  • 1 block Velveeta cheese
  • 1 bag large marshmallows

(You probably only actually need 1 cracker, 1 slice of cheese, and 1 marshmallow, because you only ever want to make this once.)

Place Saltines on a cookie sheet, in a single layer. Slice Velveeta, and place one slice of cheese on each cracker. Put 1 marshmallow on top of each cheese slice. Cook the marguerites on the top rack of the oven (under the broiler) and WATCH until the cheese is melted and the marshmallow is browned. Remove immediately, and serve.

Appetizers & Snacks Book 1